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Be Back Soon…

And so it seems like I have already forgotten about this blog again.

Still, even without followers, I’ll be leaving this message right here:


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From Student to Niece: Bash Gets Married!

May and June really are big seasons for weddings in the Philippines. After only a week since The Hubby and I attended a wedding in Gensan, we were again invited to attend another wedding, this time in Eden Nature Park and Resort. It was closer to home but since it was up Mt. Talomo, it was still quite a drive.

About two or three weeks before June 3rd, The Hubby told me that Bash, a former student of mine from UP, was getting married and that we were invited. I wondered how he knew until he told me that Botet, Bash’s fiancé, is his nephew by his second cousin. It truly is a small world.

The next day, I received the FB invite for the Bash & Botet wedding but I didn’t respond to it yet. Later, I asked The Hubby if we were going to the wedding because it was on a Friday and he has work. He said that he has to because he’ll be a Secondary Sponsor. Mentally, I scanned the contents of my closet, wondering what I could wear on that day. It was to be a Coachella-themed wedding. Although Bash posted suggestions for outfits, I figured I could just wear anything white or off-white. But the quest for the perfect Coachella outfit began when Bash posted a soft copy of the invitation…and I found out that The Hubby and I were both Secondary Sponsors.

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Gensan in 24 Hours

The first—and by then, the last—time I set foot in General Santos City was in August 2005. I attended as the Plus-One of The-Then-Boyfriend (now known as The Hubby) to an official function of the United Architects of the Philippines where he was the UAP Davao Chapter President. Gensan was a pretty scary place back then as only a few weeks before that, an explosion happened within the city proper. Things like that were common then, making tourists steer clear of the city.

But when we passed by Gensan on our way to Koronadal City in May of last year, I noticed a huge difference from ten years ago. The roads were wider and cleaner, familiar establishments lined up the major streets, and there were three huge malls operating. I told myself that I would visit Gensan again, armed with a new perspective of the city. So I was pretty psyched when The Hubby told me that he was going to serve as a principal sponsor to a wedding in Gensan with me as his Plus-One.

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Big Deal


Today is my birthday. I turned 39 today. But I greeted this day with a huge fight with the husband. It started off as an issue that snowballed over a period of days that somehow exploded today. It was bad. I got emotionally hurt. Maybe I was to blame but if he knew where I was coming from, perhaps–just perhaps–he would’ve understood.But it would be pointless now. Once he gets mad, you can never get another word in.

Yes, I make a big deal of my birthday. It’s selfish. It’s childish. It’s bratty. There are more important things in the world other than my birthday. I acknowledge that. But when you have the same situation as I, you probably would want it to be big as well.

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Vol. 5, 2016

Reading John Grisham’s Sycamore Road
Writing some pointers for my upcoming talk
Listening to Alden Richards’ Wish I May
Thinking of tomorrow’s movie screening time.
Smelling the scent of ripe mango that I made into a drink.
Wishing to find another one of them laundry bags at Japan Home Center.
Hoping to finish the laundry tomorrow.
Wearing mint green jammies.
Loving my new Asus 10500mAh powerbank.
Wanting to find the courage to self-dye my hair.
Needing to update my resume.
Feeling a bit dazed after that glass of wine.

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Vol. 4, 2015

Reading Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat.
Writing this blog entry.
Listening to Michael Buble Christmas songs.
Thinking of what to get my inaanak.
Smelling the mug of coffee beside me.
Wishing to find an effective way to organize that friggin’ sock drawer.
Hoping to finalize the menu for our Media Noche.
Wearing a pair of leggings and a striped tank top.
Loving my Epson L210 that can print beautiful, beautiful photos.
Wanting to sleep the entire day.
Needing to get off my lazy butt and finish organizing that sock drawer.
Feeling a bit cold.

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Vol. 3, 2015

It’s five days before Christmas and I haven’t completed my shopping list yet. Hubby and I will probably get to suffer through the Christmas rush again. We never learn. Then again, it’s a happy kind of rush.

Here’s my staple TSC post.

Reading the screening times of the new Star Wars movie
Writing a heartfelt letter to a dear friend (which I may never get to send anyway)
Listening to the crunchy sound of chicharon being ground by my molars inside my mouth
Thinking of where to get my lunch today
Smelling the coco jam I had with my hot pan de sal earlier
Wishing to have time to go to SM Lanang to get that dress at Forever 21
Hoping that the hubby’s project at People’s Park will be finished. Soon. Very, very soon.
Wearing a floral sleep dress
Loving my new beauty find: L’oreal Brow Artist Designer Pro
Wanting extra hours of sleep
Needing a grande Toffee Nut Latte
Feeling a bit irked that my browser seems a bit slow.